• "the brainstorm"
    Record the Ideas.
    Avoid the Rework.

  • "The Pitch"
    Face the Team.
    Focus on the Message.

  • "The Video Chat"
    Let Everyone.
    Be Seen and Heard.


all-in-one meeting experience


all-in-one meeting experience

  • simple

    to USE

    One intuitive touch interface, powered by the mms collaboration engine, puts control at your fingertips. It's never been so easy to present, conference and collaborate throughout the workspace.

  • connected

    information + people

    Networked for ready access to information with or without a device. Conference with remote participants in crystal clear HD video + audio and interact with information in new ways with multi-touch.

  • intelligent

    system design + analytics

    Advanced engineering ensures a great experience in any space. The modular design makes it easy to install & monitor. System Analytics provide insight into usage to optimize the technology spend.

spread the word

anywhere, anytime with anyone.

spread the word

anywhere, anytime with anyone.

collaboration engine

advanced engineering comes to the open workspace

The dynamics of open work spaces demand a new level of engineering to ensure that the audio video experience is not impacted by the surroundings. The mms collaboration engine is designed with precision, to deliver a premium meeting experience anywhere you meet. Modular compartments make installation, maintenance and monitoring simple to optimize system uptime.

always connected

Meet with or without a device

The mms is ready to support the many ways impromptu meetings happen. It's integrated for easy access and storage of network files with or without a device. Connect and share from any device. Even stream wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone with ease.


experience true HD

crystal clear Audio + video

Video is about the experience. A poor video experience limits adoption and impacts your company's ability to benefit from the new way of collaborating. With the mms intelligent experienceTM everyone experiences crystal clear audio and video. Whether it's a one-on-one or a team meeting everyone can be seen and heard to get the message across.


engage with multi-touch


The iPhone and iPad have changed the way we interact with touch. We deliver the iPad experience and then some with a six Point multi-touch. Bring ideas and information to life. Annotate, swipe, and zoom in easily for more engaging presentations and working sessions.


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where you meet


where you meet

why it matters

The workplace is a hub of various types of meeting spaces. We need to provide the tools and technology to meet anywhere to improve the effectiveness of communication, and the utilization of space.

  • for business

    save time. share more.

    Take the meeting out of the meeting room where ideas flow more freely. The mms gives your team the tools to meet anywhere with or without a device. Share, annotate, create and video with the team.

  • for IT + Facilities

    simple to Manage

    Easily install, monitor, and manage the system across the enterprise or let hitplay support & manage on your behalf. System Analytics provide a new level of insight into usage to optimize your technology spend.

  • for designers

    OPTIMIZE the space

    The mms enables a new approach to space planning. With a fully equipped meeting room on wheels, more space can be allocated for the people and costly real estate can be optimized for clients.

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